About Ostara

Ostara Biomedical develops products to improve success rates in artificial reproduction. Its innovative ProgenySys™ suite of products target both the preparation of the uterus for pregnancy, as well as improving the quality of ovarian stimulation for assisted conception techniques. Ostara is currently developing this technology for use in multiple species, including humans and domestic livestock

Targeting Implantation

This platform technology is centred on the principle that key factors within semen perform an important role in preparing the uterus for the implantation for an embryo, however, during a number of artificial reproductive techniques these key factors are removed. Ostara’s aim is to replace these missing signals, thereby improving pregnancy and live birth rates.

Maximising ovarian stimulation

The production of high-grade eggs for assisted conception is often suboptimal. Ostara’s technology aims to improve the reliability and reproducibility of ovarian stimulation, providing clinicians and veterinarians with a larger supply of high-quality eggs for subsequent fertilisation.