Ostara Biomedical awarded £600,000 from Innovate UK

June 30,  2017

Ostara Biomedical has just been awarded a significant Innovate UK award to develop the PseudoMouse delivery System.

ProgenySys™ PseudoMouse, is a vaginal pessary system for mice, which delivers key factors required to create a permissive environment for embryo implantation in the uteri of prospective recipient females. By mimicking the effect of factors found in mouse seminal plasma, ProgenySys™ PseudoMouse induces pseudopregnancy in oestrus females and totally replaces the need for vasectomised (or otherwise sterile) males in transgenic breeding programmes.

Commenting on the grant, Dr. Nadia Gopichandran, CEO of Ostara said “this is a significant achievement for Ostara, and allows the company to develop new products that address ethical concerns by reducing significantly the number of animals needed in breeding programmes”.