Ostara Biomedical awarded £640,000 Innovate UK SMART Grant

Ostara Biomedical has just been awarded a significant Innovate UK award to develop the OvuMouse delivery system for superovulation.

ProgenySys™ OvuMouse is an alternative method for superovulating mice in breeding programmes. By replacing the traditional method (using pregnant mares’ serum gonadotrophin – PMSG) with alternative molecules, Ostara aims to refine the superovulation procedure – reducing variability, maximising the number of oocytes collected and thereby reducing the number of females required overall.

Commenting on the grant, Dr. Nadia Gopichandran, CEO of Ostara said “this is a significant achievement for Ostara, and allows the company to develop new products that address ethical concerns by refining current methodology and reducing significantly the number of animals needed in breeding programmes”.