Management Team

Dr Nadia Gopichandran Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Nadia is co-founder of Ostara Biomedical and co-inventor of its core technology. She has over fifteen years' experience of research in reproductive biology. She holds a PhD in early embryo biochemistry from the University of York and worked for five years as a post-doctoral researcher in reproductive medicine at the University of Leeds, focusing on the immunological mechanisms involved in infertility and a number of obstetric and paediatric conditions. Nadia has contributed to a number of University spin out companies focused in the human IVF sector, pregnancy related disorders and artificial reproduction in animals, and has overall responsibility for delivery of the ProgenySys™ platform.

Dr Sarah Field Technical Director

Sarah earned her PhD in Reproductive Physiology from the University of Leeds, focusing on the endometrial response to mating at a systems biology level. Sarah has co-authored several publications in international journals such as BMC Systems Biology and Reproduction, and maintains collaborations with prestigious research centres such as Harvard Medical School. She has commercial experience from several sectors, firstly contributing to R&D in animal foodstuffs at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition (Mars UK). Sarah manages Ostara's development programme and the relationships with collaborators

John McKinley Chairman

John’s experience in technology translation, product development and global commercialisation across diverse clinical healthcare sectors brings a timely broad skillset as Ostara translates its leading infertility treatment to affected women. His vision of bringing accessible healthcare to everyone in need is particularly relevant to the issue of infertility where current remedial treatments are at best random in success and unattainably expensive for most sufferers. At a time when the age of attempted conception is advancing, there is an urgent need for a new affordable treatment regime which is easy to deliver and monitor. John’s insights into global healthcare policies and as a senior corporate, IP and commercial solicitor, will help guide Ostara’s next steps to becoming the global leader in assisted infertility treatment.

Richard Smith Chief Financial Officer

Richard is a qualified chartered accountant (ACA). An experienced Group Financial Controller, he has held numerous finance director positions in both large multinationals and SMEs including Advanced Medical Solutions and Astra Zeneca. Richard’s expertise covers financial planning and analysis, acquisitions, disposals, business valuation and intellectual property. His experience as a business partner to life science and healthcare companies provides Ostara with sound financial management.

Dr Nic Orsi Scientific Advisor & Co-Inventor

Nic is an Academic Clinical Fellow in Histopathology at St James's Hospital (Leeds) and a Visiting Fellow/Lecturer at both Harvard Medical School and the University of Leeds. After graduating in Animal Science (Reading), he pursued his combined interests in biochemistry and reproduction earning a PhD in early mammalian embryo development (York). Nic has extensive experience in the commercialisation of diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers and innovations aimed at improving pregnancy rates in both veterinary and clinical arenas.

Investor relations

Ostara’s initial products target the production of transgenic rodent models, which are used globally for medical research across a wide range of diseases. The total global ‘Mice Model Market’ is expected to be valued at £1.4 billion, by the end of 2023. There are significant opportunities in this market, which continually assesses new innovations in the search for technologies that can increase efficiencies and reduce costs by streamlining breeding systems to increase animal welfare and to reduce the overall numbers of animals used.



NWF4B, Praetura Ventures and Deepbridge Capital



9 High Net Worth Individuals



Equity & Options

Ostara’s has shareholders that include venture funds, angel investors, founders and management. £3.095m has been raised to date in equity investment; £1.165m from The North West Fund for Biomedical managed by SPARK Impact; £1m from Praetura Ventures and £500k from Deepbridge Capital; and £430k from private investors. Ostara has also secured an additional £1.509m in grant awards from Innovate UK, the UK government’s innovation agency, NC3Rs and a collaborative BBSRC award.

Intellectual Property

Ostara believes in building shareholder value by protecting its investments in innovative research through registration of its intellectual property in key target markets. It has a strong and comprehensive IP portfolio covering its core ProgenySys™ technologies, which includes:
• Granted UK Patents GB2521709 and GB2539986
• Granted EU patent 3033096
• Granted US patent 10159712 and 10293029
• Granted Japan 6405382
• Granted Singapore 11201600772X
• Applications WO 2017/060685, US2017/0095536 and WO 2016/120617
Trademarking for ‘Ostara™’ and ‘ProgenySys™’ are registered trademarks of Ostara Biomedical.
Ostara also have industrial design rights on its novel Controlled Dose Delivery System.