John McKinley appointed as Chair of the Board

Ostara Biomedical is delighted to welcome John McKinley to the board of directors as Chairperson. John has a wealth of experience in the delivery of transformational products in sectors such as Precision Medicine, Life Sciences and Healthcare, and will bring a new dimension to the team at Ostara. In addition, John has a successful record in fundraising through private investment communities and public grant awarding bodies (both UK and international).  Nadia Gopichandran, CEO, says:

"I'm delighted to welcome John to the board at Ostara Biomedical. His experience in delivering products in the medical, healthcare and life science sectors will support Ostara to grow and access new routes to market'.

Ostara Biomedical awarded £640,000 Innovate UK SMART Grant

Ostara Biomedical has just been awarded a significant Innovate UK award to develop the OvuMouse delivery system for superovulation.

ProgenySys™ OvuMouse is an alternative method for superovulating mice in breeding programmes. By replacing the traditional method (using pregnant mares’ serum gonadotrophin - PMSG) with alternative molecules, Ostara aims to refine the superovulation procedure – reducing variability, maximising the number of oocytes collected and thereby reducing the number of females required overall.

Commenting on the grant, Dr. Nadia Gopichandran, CEO of Ostara said “this is a significant achievement for Ostara, and allows the company to develop new products that address ethical concerns by refining current methodology and reducing significantly the number of animals needed in breeding programmes”.

LCR Tech Climber 2019

Ostara has made the #LCRTechClimber19 list of the regions fastest growing and most innovative tech companies. The full list can be found

ESHRE 2019

Nadia and Sarah (CEO and CTO) are attending ESHRE2019 - come and find us for a chat if you are here!

Ostara publishes a joint research paper with the University of Leeds

Ostara publishes a joint research paper with the University of Leeds

Are you at Fertility 2018?

Say hello to Dr Nadia Gopichandran (CEO) and Dr Sarah Field (Technical Director) who are representing Ostara Biomedical.

UAR Openness Awards Ceremony

Mr David Danson, Chair of the Board at Ostara Biomedical, will be attending the UAR Openness Awards Ceremony in London on Monday 4th December. This event includes the 81st Stephen Paget Memorial Lecture, this year given by Professor Clive Page, and an opportunity to network. Further information can be found at

Ostara Biomedical submits final report to NC3Rs CRACK IT Solutions

Ostara Biomedical has submitted a final report to the NC3Rs CRACK IT Solutions fund. This fund awarded £24,319 to Ostara in partnership with Dr Ian Rosewell, Head of Transgenic Services at CRUK, for a solution entitled “A novel Product for reducing animal numbers in the production of transgenic mice”. Ostara Biomedical would like to thank the NC3Rs for their support, which has enabled this exciting 3Rs product to become closer to market.

Marble Product Design to work with Ostara Biomedical on a vaginal delivery platform

Marble Product Design, a small, experienced team of engineers and designers, are to continue to work with Ostara Biomedical in order to create a platform vaginal delivery mechanism. Based in Cambridge, Marble have provided design expertise to Ostara over the past year, with the design stage now reaching an advanced stage.

Dr. Sarah Field, Technical Director at Ostara Biomedical, said “development of the vaginal delivery mechanism for mice is a significant step forward in Ostara’s product development timeline. We are excited to enter this next phase with Marble, and with the support of the Innovate UK award bring Ostara’s suite of products closer to market.”